Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Boarding Facility

So you’re heading on holiday and sadly enough, can’t bring your favorite family member; your dog! Dog boarding can be just as much of any vacation for your pet as yours will be for you. We’ve curated our top 5 tips in planning and choosing the correct dog boarding center for you as well as your dog.

1. Plan a Temperament Examination and a Tour
When shopping around for a new dog boarding or daycare facility it’s important to choose the one that both you as well as your dog are more comfortable with. Many facilities allows a walk through with an employee member, this can be a great time to ask any questions it’s likely you have when it comes to your dogs stay, the ability to observe how comfortable your pet is with the area, and get a full knowledge of all the amenities offered. Contact the Hound Playground

At Unleashed we give a complimentary temperament examination; this allows our staff to introduce your pet to our service and other dog friends while closely monitoring their behavior and their response to the new environment. This guided diagnosis ensures the safety for not only your dog but their new dog friends as well.

2. Check in with Your Dogs Veterinarian
Many dog hotels require your pet to be up-to-date on their vaccinations. Vaccinations such as rabies, distemper, parvo, and Bordetella should all be accounted for. 14 days before your stay you should ask your dogs veterinarian if your pet is due for any of the vaccinations and a copy of their vaccination files for the kennels details.

3. Bring A COMMON Toys and Bedding
There’s nothing like the comfort of home, and because boarding is definitely an anxious experience for most dogs there are many things we encourage you to bring for your dogs stay. The most common and perhaps important item to bring is your dog’s food from your home. Many dogs are sensitive to sudden eating changes. In the event that you feel confident that they can handle new food, or you just forgot, it’s okay! We’ve food that can be provided.

Along with delivering their own food we encourage anyone to bring a toy and any favorite bedding that your dog may have. It will help them feel better and safe. Be sure to ask the dog hotel in advance if the things you intend to bring are acceptable.

When shopping for dog boarding facilities you shouldn’t settle for the most conveniently located or the first one you find. Dog hotels vary in policies, amenities, properly trained staff, and off leash play time. Pick the one that fits your dogs needs and personality. Make certain they’ll have a lot of opportunities to perform around, play with others, swim, or even just lounge around. Activities such as these support in the alleviation of any potential anxiety your pet might come across. A boarding experience should be considered a vacation for your pet, not simply a location to sleep.

5. Make Your Goodbye Quick and Effortless
An extended, dramatic goodbye while dropping your dog off at the boarding facility will tip your pet off to the fact that something suspicious is going to happen. This sort of behavior displayed by the dog owner can make your dog excited, anxious, and nervous. Instead, address it as if it were a normal goodbye on the way out the entranceway. As if you were going out of for work or jogging errands, an instant pat on the top and a loving goodbye as you go out the door will suffice. Unleashed Dog Hotel offers convenient and quick curbside drop off, or effortless check in at the front end desk.